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February Giveaway #2

The total free gift value is $104!February Giveaway #2 Enter our second Giveaway for this month from February 14 through 24 to win 2 fantastic products from Rocky Mountain Oils™! Only one (1) winner will receive both products. The products have a 100%-off discount code and will be shipped directly from RMO with no shipping […]

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Top 8 Best Nebulizer Diffusers | Buying Guide | Reviews | Comparisons 2018

If you don’t own an essential oil diffuser, you have not felt your ah-ha moment using it for the aroma and therapeutic benefits it provides. There are two types: the nebulizer that does not use water, and the ultrasonic that does use water. The best nebulizer essential oil diffusers will be discussed here for your […]

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Radha Beauty Essential Oils — Appraisal and Endorsement

by Brenda February 6, 2018 About Radha Beauty Rebekah Letch, founder of Radha Beauty, grew up in Singapore in Southeast Asia in an Indian home. Radha Beauty opened their offices located in Northvale, New Jersey, USA, in 2014. Rebekah enjoyed the traditional oil baths a normal cultural occurrence where her mother would use many oil […]

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Plant Guru® Essential Oils — Appraisal and Endorsement

by Brenda February 5, 2018 The Plant Guru® Story The Plant Guru® venture was started online as a family owned business. They do not advertise, they have no MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) therefore, no multi-level pyramid prices that raise essential oil costs to the consumer. Their 100% pure essential oils are within your means to buy […]

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Majestic Pure™ Cosmeceuticals — Appraisal and Endorsement

by Brenda February 1, 2018 Majestic Pure™ Cosmeceuticals The main headquarters is centered in sunny tropical feeling California. Majestic Pure™ offers natural 100% pure essential oils that are cold pressed. They obtain the best quality oils from ethical producers worldwide and packaged in the USA. Select from a multitude of essential oils, body scrubs, shampoos, […]

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Healing Solutions® Essential Oils — Appraisal and Endorsement

by Brenda February 1, 2018 About Healing Solutions® The company is located in Phoenix, Arizona, USA, and offers their customers a wide variety of oils. They are comparatively new to the essential oils industry and are not an MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) company saving you money that would be paid out to the members. Their mission […]

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NOW® Essential Oils — Appraisal and Endorsement

by Brenda January 31, 2018 Now Foods® (NOW®) Story Live Happy, Live Healthy, Live NOW® is the motto at the company created in 1968. They are an industry leader for healthy foods and natural supplements. Their prices are competitive, and their products are excellent. In 2003, they won the Manufacturer of the Year Award. Products […]

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February Giveaway 2018

Only one (1) Raindrop Diffuser by Organic Aromas® will be given away this month. This is our first giveaway on this site and we hope you will come back often to win nice products. Check Price on Amazon February Giveaway Price: Raindrop 2.0 Nebulizing Essential Oil Diffuser by Organic Aromas®The nebulizer diffuser uses no water […]

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How to Use Essential Oils Safely and Effectively

For total wellness of our body, mind, and spirit, we passionate lovers of essential oils appreciate what goes into making them. We want to know how to use essential oils safely and effectively for wellness and with caution. Essential oils are created from Mother Nature’s unadulterated plant kingdom. Those plants can be flowers, seeds, grasses, […]

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