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Best Air Purifiers for Car

A car air purifier is a necessity for anyone who wants fresh air while driving. You might smoke, others might smoke, and you want to remove that smoky tobacco smell from your vehicle. Be rid of doggy odors, stale food odors, and the outside air smell.

These relatively new creations are excellent to use anywhere: your RV, SUV, cars, trucks, and anyplace you need a small compact unit for fresh air.

They are used with 12-Volt batteries (not 24-Volt) and some have charging adapters.

These are better than the little Christmas trees hanging from your rear-view mirror. There are no fake chemicals to inhale or irritate those with sensitivities.

An alternative would be to use a USB-supported device with an essential oil diffuser for your car too.

For ridding odors, 100% pure essential oils are wonderful diffusing in your vehicle.

Negative Ions Defined

Negative ions are in the air and might not be love, but are close to it. Colorless, odorless, and tasteless, they are invisible molecules we inhale abundantly. Think about the outdoors—beaches, waterfalls, mountains, the woods, the forests—these are rich negative ion areas and they are around us when it is raining.

In the bloodstream, negative ions produce biochemical actions that increase our levels of the mood enhancing brain chemical, serotonin that helps to remove stress, depression, and increase energy.

Negative ions are in the shower splashing water on your body. Negative (-) ions attach to those pollutants such as odors, smoke, dander, and more allergens that are positive (+) ions.

Best Air Purifiers for Cars and Vehicles

1. FRiEQ Ionic Car Air Purifier

FRiEQ Car Air Purifier

The FRiEQ, model number AP-C on®, is an inexpensive air purifier ionizer for your car or RV to remove dust, pollen, smoke, bacteria, and other offensive odors. It is small enough to fit into your purse or pocket.

It fits into a 12-Volt cigarette lighter or other port and can be used at home as well with its A/C wall power adapter.

The air filter is good and is not expensive and will pick up dust, pollen, and odors. The negative ion generator used in this model improves the air and is a sterilizer.

2. VtechBrand Ionic Car Air Purifier

VtechBrand Portable Car Air Purifier

The VtechBrand, ASIN B07B24J9BG on® is portable, refreshes the air in vehicles, eliminates odors, and removes dust, pollen, tobacco smoke, and pet smells. It is quite smart to have in any vehicle you have.

Plug the car air purifier into its 12-Volt cigarette lighter or adaptor. The indication light will be on when the device is working. It will work continuously until it is unplugged.

The negative ionizer does not use batteries and does not come with an A/C adapter.

3. Tdbest Ionic Car Air Purifier

Tdbest Portable Car Ionizer Air Purifier

The Tdbest portable car air purifier comes with two USB ports. Put it into your cup holder and plug into your USB port or lighter port. Remove allergens, mold, dust, bacteria, and germs with this best car air purifier with USB.

Plug into your laptop port to have near you when working at home or the office. It is black and has only one button to operate the negative ionizer.

It uses no filters and is quiet at about 27 dB. An A/C charger is included.

4. Nova Ionic Car Air Purifier

Nova 2.0 Powerful Ionic Car Air Purifier

The Nova new version 2.0, ASIN B07644QXBB shown on® is affordable and powerful for removing allergens, bad odors from pets, smoke, food odors, and mold. It has an antimicrobial deodorizer air freshener inside.

The negative ions attach to the positive ions to remove odors. It is safe to use and it works.

It has dual 2.1-Amp USB charging ports and you can use with your iPhone or Android phones and tablets. The blue light lets you know it’s working.

Leave it in your car at all times if you like because it does not work unless your car is running.

5. Clean Air Ionic Car Air Purifier

Clean Air Car Air Purifier

The Clean Air car air purifier is portable, an air freshener, and ionizer is ASIN B07CVLL5B1 on®, and is inexpensive. Use in your car, RV, truck, or anyplace to remove allergens, cigarette/tobacco smoke, pet odors, viruses, bacteria, and dust.

Plug the end into a 12-Volt cigarette lighter port or adapter port. It does not use batteries inside.

It leaves no scent and the air smells fresh.

Final Thoughts

If you’ve never used a small vehicle air purifier, you will like the way it freshens the inside of your vehicle. Negative ions are good and nothing to be afraid of since nature provides them with all water. Happy shopping!

Best Air Purifiers for Cars and RVs | Reviews | Buying Guide
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