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Humidity on your window panes

Humidity on your window panes? When you walk into your house after being away, do you smell the musky odor when walking in? You will be able to remove this smell and condensation on windows, bathroom mirrors, and shower doors when you invest in an inexpensive best dehumidifier for your home. These units pay for themselves over a short time.

The Midwest USA, South, East, and Pacific Northwest are the most humid areas outdoors and humidity finds its way indoors too. States west of the Mississippi River are less humid, and when living in the high plains and desert areas, it is very dry where you might need a humidifier for your space.

You have everything to gain using a dehumidifier for health benefits and controlling condensation and moisture for your property.

Humidity causes dampness, mustiness, and even mold. You don’t have to put up with indoor mugginess just because you live in a humid climate. A dehumidifier will indeed relieve high humidity levels anywhere.

The best dehumidifier reviews below will offer guidance and functionality for your bathroom dehumidifier needs and other rooms including dehumidifiers for basements.

Portable units typically sell from under $100 to $400 depending upon the features you want, the water capacity, and output.

Additionally, the best dehumidifiers for bathrooms can be even smaller, or simply roll your portable larger one into the bathroom.

What is a Dehumidifier?

What is a Dehumidifier

On a sweltering sunny day without a cloud in the sky out mowing the lawn or just walking to the car leaving the mart, we find we are miserable from the moisture in the air. For me, anything above 22% relative outdoors is too much, although I can feel comfortable in 40% outdoor humidity and that is noticeable. Outside in humidity of 80- to 100% humidity takes your breath away. Overcast days can be just as humid as sunny days depending on the outdoor humidity and dew point.

We can’t wait until we get back into our comfortable home to stop the misery we suffer from humidity. Sure, trees and plants love it and grow like weeds, but we are a bit more sensitive.

A dehumidifier is an appliance that will remove the moisture/dampness/humidity from your home or building. The prefix: de- means to remove and that is what the dehumidifier does—removes moisture from the air.

best portable dehumidifier The best portable dehumidifier can remove the excess moisture from your home to include the bathroom, laundry room, and kitchen as well as RVs, boats, camping vehicles, motor homes, and a host of other places.

The best dehumidifiers for bedrooms can be small just for that room, or large that will cover the bedroom as well as other rooms.

Dehumidifiers are available in different sizes, shapes and many features with various water holding sizes. They are wonderful to have for those people with COPD, emphysema, allergies, and asthma.

These units get rid of mold, mold spores, bacteria, viruses, dust mites, and the unmistakable musky smell drifting upstairs from your basement or crawlspace. They do not get rid of bed bugs because they live in humidity or no humidity quite well.

Condensation is not wanted because it causes many problems. When your windows are covered with condensation it is usually because the outside air is colder than the warmer air inside. Condensation with little ice crystals in the winter is caused by another problem—poor insulation.

hygrometerA good device to have for measuring the amount of moisture in the air is a hygrometer. It does not control humidity; it designates relative humidity only. It needs to know the temperature of the room to give the measurement. A superior hygrometer is shown here on Amazon.

humidistatOn the other hand, a humidistat does control the level of humidity in your space. It will regulate the relative humidity in the air that you set it for when in a dehumidifier if the unit is equipped with one you can set. You set the device to the level you want your moisture to be and it does it for you without you needing to guess what it is.

Both meters can be purchased as separate units to attach to your wall or sit on a shelf. Humidistats are usually built into humidifiers and dehumidifiers.

A humidifier adds humidity (moisture) to the air and a dehumidifier removes it. Dehumidifiers take the moisture from the ambient air and puts it into a water tank on portable units.

How a Compressor Dehumidifier Works

  • A dehumidifier efficiently extracts the moisture from the air to lower humidity levels.
  • Inside the unit, the fan pushes the humid air out via the compressor.
  • The air with no moisture now exits the louvers on the opposite side of the unit.
  • The humid air moisture is immediately water and it goes into the water tank.
  • Larger units will usually have small hoses to drain off the water as well as a water holding reservoir.
  • Smaller units will have a water tank for emptying only.
  • Almost all dehumidifiers will shut off automatically to prevent motor burn out and avoid water from running out.

How a Compressor Dehumidifier Works

How a Peltier (Thermoelectric) Dehumidifier Works

Thermo means heat therefore the Peltier unit cools and condenses moisture in the air.

How a Peltier (Thermoelectric) Dehumidifier Works


  • It is much quieter than a dehumidifier using a compressor.
  • This is used primarily for small dehumidifiers for smaller spaces and use a little more energy than the compressor styles.
  • It sends an electric current through two different metals to transfer heat with the same result as compressor models.

Dehumidifier Advantages

A home will feel warmer and oppressive with humidity that will grow mold, increase mold spores for more mold, create rust and corrosion, rotting of wood, and sweating.

An overabundance of humidity is devastating to wood musical instruments such as guitars and other string instruments including keyboards. It’s not a good thing for any instruments of sterling silver or other wind musical devices.

Carpet, drapes, clothing, and other types of fabric suffer from too much moisture feeling damp and limp. Printer paper sticks together and envelopes indeed glue themselves stuck shut. It takes 3 days to dry a bath towel and your skin always feels clammy.

Do away with the harming capabilities of water in the air by using a dehumidifier to remove the moisture. Cooking increases humidity in the kitchen and in the winter time you can see condensation on the windows there.

Your clothes dryer removes the moisture when drying your items making the room more humid with window condensation if you have windows in that room.

Dehumidifiers can be used with air conditioners; however, air conditioners tend to dry out the air anyway.

When humidity is not balanced, being too dry can cause other conditions such as dry itchy skin, dry chapped lips, sore scratchy throats, dry coughs, itchy eyes, and you feel dry everywhere. If that happens you can use a humidifier when living in warm dry climates.

The humidity is best at 45-50% and others like it lower at 30%. It depends on you and where you live. Dry climates like it at about 30-35% indoors. High humidity will give you that musty smell that is in many basements and then permeates throughout the house.

Where to Use Dehumidifiers

Where to Use Dehumidifiers

Three rooms in your home have the most humidity. Those are basements/crawl spaces, bathrooms, and kitchens, with laundry rooms trailing close behind.

How a Dehumidifier workThe reason is because these rooms use the most water or accumulate moisture when underground. Crawl spaces and basements are underground level.

Crawl spaces usually have a dirt floor whereas basements are typically covered with concrete.

If the water table is high in your area, you might need to use a sump pump to remove water. Sump pumps are not expensive but digging a hole is quite a task and left to the professional contractors.

If your home has an indoor swimming pool, sauna, or hot tub, you will want to control the humidity levels there. The water alone can breed bacteria, viruses, and mold.

For sensitive people, remove indoor pollutants suffering from allergies, asthma, and other respiratory problems or skin sensitivities with an efficient dehumidifier.

Even your craft room, workshop, darkroom for photography, cabin cruiser, and garage may have too much humidity. Rust and corrosion on expensive and valuable metal tools will destroy them over time.

The best mini-dehumidifiers shown below are excellent for your dry food storage cabinet so that the saltines will be crisp and not soggy and the box will open not being damp. I hate that! The minis are excellent doing a great job under bathroom and kitchen sinks. No one wants to open a bar of sticky moist bath soap.

What Type Do You Need?

Energy Star® certified dehumidifierThe US EPA Energy Star® certified dehumidifier models save electrical energy for your home unit in basements, crawl spaces, and any space in your home with too much humidity. The Energy Star® logo shown at the right will appear on the unit.

The best residential dehumidifiers are self-contained portable units that are well suited to decrease humidity in small, medium, and large rooms, open floor plans, and other humid spaces.

The capacity for removing water are variable and dehumidifiers have many convenient features such as various fan speeds, some with manual or electronic control panels, casters, handles, humidistats, and water containers.

Dehumidifier Sizes

Dehumidifier Sizes

The size is established by the dehumidifier’s capacity for removing moisture. Capacity is measured in US pints (16-ounces) of moisture that will be removed in a 24-hour period. When you see it stated ‘30-pint dehumidifier’ it means 30-pints of moisture is removed in 24-hours.

The capacity relates to the amount of square-feet the unit will cover; therefore, you will get an approximate idea of what capacity dehumidifier you will need. A pint is not an unfamiliar size unit and is well known and understood by most since 2-pints equals a quart.

If your space is somewhat damp, you can probably get by with the unit rated for your square footage or cubic foot area, while if the area is severely damp, you would want more capacity, and when exceedingly wet, an even larger capacity unit will be needed.

A 70-pint dehumidifier has the capacity of absorbing 70-pints of water within 24-hours. This large size means it can remove moisture in a 1400-square foot area. This is a good choice for excess humidity relief quickly.

The 70-pint versus a 30-, or 50-pint size is about how much water the dehumidifier will remove from the air per day—not the capacity or ability to dispose of the water after it removes it. In essence, the bigger the area you need to dehumidify the larger the capacity of dehumidifier you need.

Features to Look for When Choosing a Dehumidifier

This is determined by what you need for your specific humidity application.

  • A built-in pump that will automatically pump water vertically and out to run constantly.
  • A gravity-fed drain with hose to a lower drain level such as a floor drain.
  • A time to clean air filter indicator.
  • A built-in humidistat for sensing moisture automatically shutting off when high water level is reached.
  • A low temperature setting for operating the unit as low as 41-degrees F.
  • Automatically defrosts to keep unit from freezing below 65-degrees F.
  • An automatic reset to your setting when power is lost.
  • Digital or manual control panel.
  • Visible water level.

Selecting the Right Dehumidifier

Considerations to think about when shopping for a dehumidifier.

  • Square-footage area for dehumidification.
  • Water removal method: tank collector, hose, or both.
  • Energy usage of the dehumidifier.
  • Digital or manual display panel.
  • Air filter cleaning and replacement if there is a filter.
  • Energy efficient.
  • Full bucket alert.
  • 24-hour timer.
  • Automatically shuts off.
  • Noise level in dB.

Selecting the Right Dehumidifier

Best Quiet Dehumidifiers for Bedrooms and Whole-House

The 3 larger dehumidifiers listed first below are best for the entire house. A smaller pint unit would be best for using in the bedroom only. Each model has a smaller pint amount for bedrooms. The #3 Afloia Portable Home Dehumidifier, 6-pint is ideal for bedrooms and it has a bedroom mode.

1. Frigidaire® Portable Whole-House Dehumidifier, 70-Pint

Frigidaire 70-Pint Dehumidifier with Effortless Humidity Control

Energy Star® certified dehumidifierThe Frigidaire® model number FFAD7033R1 is a best whole-house dehumidifier that holds 70 pints (8.75-gallons) of collected water from the air each day. It is Energy Star® rated saving you money on your electric bill. This model is also available on® in 30- and 50-pint sizes for smaller spaces and is a best-selling dehumidifier.

The 70-pint unit is a mid-size for the entire house or specific areas such as a basement or garage and is the best of the best.

Guard your home and possessions from excess moisture that causes foul musky mildew odors and mold with more mold spores. People with emphysema and/or COPD, asthma and allergies have a difficult time breathing in fresh air that is full of moisture. When it’s humid outside, nothing can be done about that; however, you can control the moisture in your home.

The Frigidaire® functions well for removing basement humidity, to remove warehouse moisture, and anyplace you do not want humidity.

Sit it in a central room of your home to capture the entire house humidity that is so uncomfortable and unbearable to your skin. The water reservoir capacity is 1.64-gallons and it is portable to move with its convenient carrying handle or push it with its wheels.

Frigidaire® Portable Whole-House Dehumidifier

You won’t be in the dark when it comes to setting the temperature with its digital control and timer. Set the 3-fan speeds for the best way you like it. The filter is washable to save you more money, and it shuts off automatically when the reservoir is full.

Other key features are automatic defrosting capabilities, adjustable humidistat to set your humidity percent, and low temperature operation. The bucket-full indicator light lets you know immediately when it’s full of water.

It is 59dB at about a foot away, and the HOme® unit shown in #2 is about 57dB.

You can put the unit near a suitable drain to run continuously to remove the water inside with a hose. This unit, rated at 70-pints, will remove 70-pints of moisture from the air. Know that the pint capacity has nothing to do with the size of the built-in drip tank.

This larger size unit has a larger compressor, larger cooling fin surface, larger capacity fan therefore it will remove more humidity from the air. So with a hose attached, you can forget about disposing the water; it will do it for you.

A regular garden hose will attach and it does not come with a hose. Use the 6-foot or 15-foot leader hose readily available now.

The unit measures 24.40-inches tall x 15-inches wide x 11.60-inches deep front-to-back and it weighs 54-pounds empty. The 70-pint covers 2500-square feet of space.

The extension cord is not included yet can be purchased on Amazon.

When you use an extension cord, the length must be the proper AWG rating or you’ll ruin the motor. For a 50-foot extension cord, use a 12-gauge or heavier; 100-foot use a 14-gauge or heavier. The power cord wraps around loops in the back for storage.

Plug the 3-prong grounded UL® listed cord into a 110/120-Volt, 50/60 Hz receptacle. It does not work on 220/240-Volts outside the USA or Canada so buy an adapter. It operates at 745-Watts at 6.2-Amps on the 110-Voltage circuit. It does not use batteries!

California residents click here for Proposition 65 warning.

You will receive instructions and a User’s Manual that should be read thoroughly.

Frigidaire® is an Electrolux® brand so that you will understand when you read Electrolux® on your Warranty. Your appliance is covered by a Limited 1-year Warranty and a Limited 2- to 5-year Warranty on the sealed system (the compressor, condenser, evaporator, and tubing).

For one year from your original date of purchase, Electrolux® will pay all costs for repairing or replacing any parts of this appliance that prove to be defective in materials or workmanship when such appliance is installed, used, and maintained in accordance with the provided instructions.

From the second to the fifth year from your original purchase date, Electrolux® will repair or replace any parts in the Sealed Refrigeration System (compressor, condenser, evaporator, and tubing) that prove to be defective in materials or workmanship.

In years 2-5, the consumer will be responsible for diagnostic, labor, and parts costs as well as any removal, transportation, and reinstallation expenses that are incurred during service on components other than those covered under the Sealed Refrigeration System 5-year Warranty. The unit is made in China.

Frigidaire® 70-pint capacity white dehumidifier review video.

2. hOme® Portable Whole-House Dehumidifier, 70-Pint

 Portable Dehumidifier by hOmeLabs

Energy Star® certified dehumidifierThe hOmeLabs®, model number HME020031N, is a mid-sized unit for large rooms from 2500- to 4000-square feet and one of the best dehumidifiers for basements. It is Energy Star® rated and is available in 4- and 6-gallon units.

The manufacturer shows 70-pints as 9-gallons, when it’s really 8.75-gallons.

The 70-pint unit is a mid-size for the entire house or specific areas such as a basement or garage.

The noise level in dB is:

Without Turbo function:

Front 55.5 dBA
Left 57.5 dBA
Right 54.6 dBA
Back 58.2 dBA

With Turbo function:

Front 57 dBA
Left 59.7 dBA
Right 56.2 dBA
Back 59.6 dBA

Remove musky odors, allergens, and eliminate mold spores using this portable basement dehumidifier great for all rooms in your home with its powerful built-in pump compressor. It will remove 70-pints of moisture each day.

The square unit is ideal for small spaces sitting close to a corner wall but not touching it. It has 4 caster wheels with a drain hose outlet on back to hook up with the same size garden hose attachment at the drain access threaded knob where the water bucket is located. The filter is located at the back shown here where the air goes into the unit.

The unit measures 15.4-inches wide x 11-inches deep front-to-back x 24.3-inches tall and it weighs 40-pounds empty.

The extension cord is not included yet can be purchased on Amazon.

When you use an extension cord, the length must be the proper AWG rating or you’ll ruin the motor. For a 50-foot extension cord, use a 12-gauge or heavier; 100-foot use a 14-gauge or heavier. The power cord wraps around loops in the back for storage.

Plug the 3-prong grounded UL® listed cord into a 110/120-Volt, 50/60 Hz receptacle. It does not work on 220/240-Volts outside the USA or Canada so buy an adapter. It operates at about 1-Watt at idle (non-operating) and 560-Watts operating at Turbo mode at 4.7-Amps on the 110-Voltage circuit. It does not use batteries!

California residents click here for Proposition 65 warning.

The water reservoir holds 1.6-gallons and it has handles for easy maneuverability. It will automatically reset when power is lost, automatically shut off, and automatically defrost. The touch control top panel is handy and easy to read.

With the 24-hour timer, customize your humidity level from 35% to 85% with the humidistat for what feels and works best for you and your family in room temperatures from 41- to 95-degrees F.

Most dehumidifiers emit dry hot air from the fan when moisture is being removed so it’s best to use this in spaces of a least 2500-square feet to keep rooms from being too hot. This product won’t work in the same room as an evaporative cooler.

Do not use this in an RV—it’s not designed for it.

hOme® Portable Whole-House Dehumidifier, 70-Pint

You will receive a full 1-year Parts and Labor Warranty and a Limited 5-year Sealed System Warranty. It is made in China.

HOme® 70-pint Dehumidifier Energy Star® for Basement review video.

3. Afloia Portable Home Dehumidifier, 4-Pint

The Afloia, ASIN B078HWV355 on®, is an affordable unit for small rooms and spaces such as bedrooms, basements, crawl spaces, RVs, motor homes, closets, and the bathroom. Math calculations: It holds 2000 mL (67.6-ounces) of water and 67.6-ounces equals a little over 4-pints.

Use this small dehumidifier in small spaces that collects humidity such as inadequately ventilated areas such as a shower stall room.

Remove those musky smells and be rid of the humidity that causes the mold spores to grow creating that offensive odor. The unit operates with the control of 1 button. Being portable, you can take it with you and it’s good to have at town homes and college dorms.

This unit will cover 269-square feet and is automatic shutting off when the water is full in the tank, and shows the humidity level on the LED digital control screen.

The outside housing is made of ABS (Acetyl Butylene Styrene) plastic. The working capacity is 25-ounces each day.

It does not have a hose connection; you simply pull out the water tank and pour the water down the drain. This is an amazing best basement dehumidifier.

It will absorb up to 25-ounces ± 2.7-ounces of moisture each day in an 80-degree F. 80% relative humidity environment. It will need to be restarted in case of a power outage.

The sleep mode has no sound to disturb your sleep at less than 42 dB. It has no compressor and the small filter is washable.

Afloia Portable Electric Dehumidifier for Home

The dimensions are 8.9-inches wide x 5.9-inches deep x 14.6-inches tall and weighs 5-pounds empty.

Plug the 2-prong UL® listed cord into a 110/120-Volt, 50/60 Hz receptacle. It does not work on 220/240-Volts outside the USA or Canada so buy an adapter. It operates at 70-Watts power. It does not use batteries!

You will receive a User’s Manual, A/C power cord, and a 30-day money back Guarantee. It is made in China.

Best Small Dehumidifiers for Bathrooms and Basements

4. ProBreeze® Mini-Dehumidifier, 16-Ounce

ProBreeze® Mini-Dehumidifier, 16-Ounce

The ProBreeze® 16-ounce water tank will cover 150-square feet (1200-cubic feet) and is portable and compact for removing moisture in your home, apartment, school dorm, kitchen, bathroom, basement, crawl space, bedroom, RV, and motor homes, including anywhere you have excess moisture.

The 16-ounce unit is a small-size for small rooms and closets. It has no humidistat.

The item model number PB-02-US on® is a best-selling unit at an affordable price. You might want several for different rooms since they are small.

The ProBreeze® uses no compressor utilizing the ultra-quiet Peltier technology (thermo-electric cooling). It will remove up to 250 mL (8.5-ounces) of water each day with its 500 mL (16.9-ounces) water tank capacity.

The dehumidifier is very quiet without a compressor at 33 dB.

When the tank is full the LED light shows yellow and it automatically shuts off to keep water off the floor—heaven forbid!

This is so small you can put it on a countertop or furniture top. To dump the water, remove the small black plug and dump it usually a little upside down. There is no removable lid and it’s easy to do. It uses no filters.

The dimensions are 9-inches tall x 6-inches wide x 5-inches deep. It weighs 37-ounces or 2.31-pounds.

Plug the 2-prong UL® listed cord into a 110/120-Volt, 50/60 Hz receptacle. It does not work on 220/240-Volts outside the USA or Canada so buy an adapter. It operates at 23-Watts power, 0.023 kWh. It does not use batteries!

It does not use a hose connector, you cannot modify it, and you cannot drill a hole in the bottom to drip the water into a sink!

Gift-wrapping is available. You will receive the A/C power adapter and instruction manual with a 1-year Warranty. It is made in China.

ProBreeze® 500 mL Compact and Portable Mini-Dehumidifier video.

4. Pure Enrichment® Deluxe Mini-Dehumidifier, 27-Ounce

 Pure Enrichment Premium DehumidifierThe Pure Enrichment® mini-dehumidifier, item model number PEDEHUM on®, is just the right size for eliminating moisture and dampness from closets, bathrooms, boats, RVs, campers, motor homes, kitchens, basements, crawl spaces, and other small room places with damp foul-smelling musky odors, mold, and mildew. The smart Swiss design goes with any décor.

The 16-ounce unit is a small-size for small rooms and closets. It has no humidistat.

It is very portable to take with you to use all year long to not only remove moisture, but to give you a space free of allergens and dust mites.

The unit pulls out 10-ounces of water from your air each day the absorption rate. Thus, the tank will hold 27-ounces of water. It is whisper-quiet when running and will not disturb babies, kids, or you when sleeping. It covers up to 450-square feet.

Feel confident in its automatic shut off to keep the motor from overheating and to keep the water in the tank from overflowing. It uses no compressor utilizing the ultra-quiet Peltier technology (thermo-electric cooling).

The see-through water tank is on the bottom and slides out like a coffee pot on a coffee maker to pour down the sink. It uses no filters.

The unit is very quite similar to any white noise such as a car idling. The automatic shut-off safety feature turns the unit off when the water tank is full and to prevent overheating and water overflowing.

Plug the 2-prong 4-foot UL® listed cord into a 110/120-Volt, 50/60 Hz receptacle. It does not work on 220/240-Volts outside the USA or Canada so buy an adapter. It operates at 24-Watts power. It does not use batteries!

It does not use a hose connector and you cannot modify it; you cannot drill a hole in the bottom to drip the water into a sink!

Gift-wrapping is available. You will receive the A/C power adapter and User’s Manual. It comes with a 2-year Warranty from date of purchase. It is made in China.

6. Eva-Dry Renewable Mini-Dehumidifier, Waterless

The Eva-Dry new and improved model E-333 on® is unique and quite affordable for how it works. I’m quite impressed with this unit and want to share it with you. It does not work in large areas where you will need a traditional dehumidifier that extracts moisture.

This dehumidifier does not spill water, it’s non-toxic around your kids and pets, and it lasts 20- to 30-days before renewing. I know you want to know what “renewing” is all about.

This will cover 333-cubic feet of space, uses no batteries, or cords and works for up to 10-years being 100% renewable. There is no noise since there is no fan or parts used.

The waterless mini is great for closets, cabinets, under sinks, and any small space.

This is how it works:

The dehumidifier uses a renewable silica gel that works without using energy such as batteries or a power cord.

The 100 grams of silica gel absorbs moisture in the air. It does this silently since there is no fan, no compressor, or Peltier technology (thermo-electric cooling), and no humidistat.

When the unit absorbs the moisture/dampness/humidity, the indicator window contains crystals that change from orange to green. There are no lights so you will need to check the color of the beads.

Within 2- to 4-weeks, it will have reached its capacity of 4- to 6-ounces of moisture content. When the crystals have changed to green, it will need to be plugged in for 8- to 10-hours in a well-ventilated area. After this time, the crystals will have changed back to orange and you can now use the dehumidifier unit again. You can do this for up to 10 years.

The unit itself holds no water, so nothing spills out. The moisture is kept in the beads until time to renew it again. No expensive filters, dumping water, nothing!

There is no compressor or Peltier (thermoelectric) system with this unit.

The E-333 provides dampness protection that is ideal for small spaces such as:

  • Small closets to prevent damage to fabrics and musty odors caused by excess moisture;
  • Plastic Storage Containers that can absorb musty odors, and prevents damage caused by excess moisture on stored seasonal clothing;
  • Cabinets to protect stored food from damage caused by excess moisture;
  • Under kitchen/bathroom sink to keep the under sink area dry and mold free; and
  • Safes to protect your valuable pictures and important documents from damage caused by excess moisture.

Use the Eva-Dry in your bathroom, RVs, boats, and any small place where there is a lot of humidity.

Other Places:

  • Bathrooms/Laundry Rooms where the unit absorbs excess moisture form vapor related activities, and helps dry fabrics faster;
  • Bedrooms for absorbing excess moisture where you are also reducing dust activity, and consequently the risk of allergies;
  • Basements to protects stored clothing and tools from damage caused by excess moisture;
  • Offices/Supply Closets to protect electronic equipment, supplies, and paper from damage caused by excess moisture;
  • Gym Lockers to absorb odors and dry wet gym clothes faster;
  • Musical Instruments to prevent damage caused by excess moisture;
  • Gun Safes to prevent rust to guns and expensive ammunition and other damage caused by excess moisture; and
  • Safe Deposit Boxes to protect your valuables and documents from damage caused by excess moisture.

The dimensions are 6.25-inches long x 1.25-inches wide x 4.75-inches tall.

To renew, plug the UL® listed cord into a 110/120-Volt, 50/60 Hz receptacle. It does not work on 220/240-Volts outside the USA or Canada so buy an adapter. It does not use batteries!

You get the User’s Manual with an industry leading 5-year Warranty. It is made in China.

Eva-Dry Dehumidifier on Live Better video.


  • All about extension cords is on Wikipedia here. It is critically important to have the correct AWG (American Wire Gauge) for the length of extension cord to use with your dehumidifier, appliance, or any tool you buy. Be sure to click on the yellow extension cord in the Wikipedia picture to the right of the page to read and understand the NEMA numbers. If you use a thin extension cord that you use for your electric lamp with 2-prongs, you’ll burn out your dehumidifier motor. Remember, the longer the cord the larger the gauge.
  • Do not reuse the water in a diffuser or other device where you breathe in the vapor! It’s full of pollutants from the air in your home and maybe mold spores. Yuck! Give your plants the water.
  • Read the instructions in the User’s Manual for installing hoses and plugging into an electrical outlet.
  • Keep coils clean of dirt and dust that can cause the dehumidifier to freeze.
  • Clean the filter once a month and buy a new one when it shows wear.
  • Keep all invoices and documents should you need to file a warranty claim.

How to Clean Dehumidifiers

First thing read your instruction manual because all brands are different when cleaning filters and the louvers on the air panels.

Final Thoughts

Enjoy less humidity when you purchase one of the very best dehumidifiers for basements on Amazon. The best mini-dehumidifiers for bathrooms will eliminate the moisture quickly. Be healthier keeping mold and bacteria from you living environment. Happy shopping!

Feel welcome to leave a comment or question below for a quick response.

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