February Giveaway #2

Diffuser Giveaway February 2018

The total free gift value is $104!

Winner: Jayne Elfreth

Enter our second Giveaway for this month from February 14 through 24 to win 2 fantastic products from Rocky Mountain Oils! Only one (1) winner will receive both products. The products have a 100%-off discount code and will be shipped directly from RMO with no shipping charges to the winner. You will receive a 100%-off discount code when you win. The one winner will be notified by e-mail and Facebook.

First Gift—Rocky Mountain Oils Blend Essential Kit consisting of 4 bottles of 1 each Immune Strength 15 mL, First Aid 15 mL, Purify 15 mL, and Citrus Blend 15 mL, a $74 value.

Rocky Mountain Oils™ Blend Essential Kit

Second Gift—Rocky Mountain Oils Droplet Diffuser a $30 value.

Rocky Mountain Oils™ Droplet Diffuser

Enter to win as many times as you want! Best of luck to all of you!


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February Giveaway #2
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