May Flowers Giveaway

Giveaway Digital Indoor Hygrometer Thermometer

Our latest mid-May flower blooming month Giveaway is for one (1) winner to receive one (1) ThermoPro Digital Indoor Hygrometer Thermometer, model number TP55 with a 100%-discount code makes it free to the winner shipped from Amazon.com. Enter to win the May Flowers Giveaway now for the humidity and temperature sensor from May 19 through 25.

May Flowers Giveaway

The hygrometer indoor thermometer humidity gauge with jumbo touchscreen and backlight monitor is a superb product to use in your home, child’s room, greenhouse, warehouse, cigar case, and with musical instruments. Put it on your table top, mantel, or mount to the wall for the most accuracy.

It is easy to use, comes with 2 each AAA batteries that last a long time and are easy to change with new ones. The back light does not stay on continuously. Push the button to save battery life. It has no date/time stamp. It reads out in Fahrenheit or Celsius.

It will update your readings every 10-minutes and It also shows you the dry/comfort/wet levels for you to know and adjust accordingly. The unit runs and controls 24/7 and shows you the trends of each reading for adjustments you can make to suit your purpose.

It is small taking up a small space measuring 4.3-inches tall x 3.3-inches wide x 1 -inch thick weighing 2.72-ounces.

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One winner will be chosen at random. You will be notified by email with instructions for receiving your discount code for this gauge and pay no shipping costs.

Best of luck to all of you and enter as many times as you want!

May Flowers Giveaway
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