How to Reuse Clean Essential Oil Bottles

How to Reuse Clean Essential Oil Bottles

Gotta cart full of essential oil bottles that are so cute and you just can’t throw them away? Why not clean and reuse essential oil bottles and not drive yourself crazy thinking that you are a hoarder; you’re not!

First Things First: To Clean The Empty Essential Oil Bottles

  • Peel the label off, except it won’t all come off. The glue is fierce to stay put. Soaking in hot soapy water will not get the glue off.
  • What I buy for glue-stuck-jobs is a bottle of lighter fluid. No, I don’t have lighters, but the slow-to-ignite petroleum product is the best ever for melting the glue. Razor blades work well with it on flat surfaces such as glass windows.
  • Essential lemon oil sometimes removes the label so try it too.
  • Remove the cap dropper and lid.
  • Soak all parts in hot liquid dishwashing detergent and the hottest water possible to cover them in the kitchen sink. I let these soak as long as possible up to an hour or two if necessary and sometimes overnight.
  • Another method for removing the residual oil left in the bottles is with this product. I like Thieves® Household Cleaner made by Young Living®. Simply soak all bottle parts in a container with a half capful of the cleaner, soak, and then clean, rinse, and air dry.

Thieves® Household Cleaner Product video.


Thieves® is a wonderful all-purpose surface cleaner, spot cleaner, and to pick up dust leaving your space smelling sweet and spicy.

Reuse Essential Oil Bottles

Creative ways to reuse empty essential oil bottles abound when you think outside the box.

  • Store any pill you take in a clean empty bottle and toss into your purse or briefcase. Make a label for its name such as aspirin, vitamins, or antacid.
  • Decorate a bottle with paint and stencils for a beautiful store-all container for tiny items like bobby pins and jewelry such as studded earrings.
  • Keep sewing items such as needles or straight pins in bottles.
  • Use a very small drill bit and put holes in the lid top for salt and pepper shakers or for other spices to be in the same colored small jars.
  • Happy tooth with Essential Oil BottlesMake a happy tooth fairy vial for your child’s tooth loss for a happy grin in the morning when he or she wakes up.
  • Keep your carrier oils in the empty bottles to take with you to use with your essential oils. Then when you want to dilute the oils for a massage, you have your favorite fractionated coconut oil, grape seed carrier oil, or buy the sample pack carrier oils from NOW®. These oils would fit best in the empty and clean 15 mL bottles or bigger.
  • Plant a tree in Essential Oil BottlesIn your travel toiletry kit use the empty bottles for your personal products rather than store them in plastic bags that are messy and can leak. This could be body lotions, bath salts, toners, mouthwash, and more larger bottles items that take up space.
  • The empty bottle filled with a tad of essential oil or holes in the lid can be a drawer sachet or on a closet shelf to keep your items smelling wonderful. Or use an empty bottle left unwashed.
  • If you’re into gardening, start roots to grow from a cutting you’ve taken. I like to start vines that I admire from my friends and herbs from the garden outside to start inside to use in the winter.
  • A bottle will make a nice toothpick holder for you or your guests!

Final Thoughts

I hope these ideas give you different ways to use your empty essential oil bottles. Leave us comments for everyone to read for ways you use yours below. Let us know how you best clean and reuse essential oil bottles since no one can throw them away!

How to Reuse Clean Essential Oil Bottles
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