Best Air Purifiers and Ion Generators for Small to Large Spaces | Reviews | Buying Guide | Comparisons

The crisp invigorating clean fresh air of the mountains where the cool waterfalls and mountain creeks take your breath away with their beauty and purity. We all wish we could live in an environment like this, and some do. The Colorado mountains are another peaceful and quiet place of magnificence, splendor, and clean air. Unless […]

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Christmas in July Giveaway

Christmas in July Giveaway Enter our Christmas in July Giveaway from July 7 through 14 to win the fabulous URPOWER Ultrasonic Cool-Mist Essential Oil Diffuser, 400 mL. It is also a small humidifier for when the kids or you are feeling sick. The faux wood grain has many excellent features. It holds a large amount […]

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Top 10 Best Nebulizer Diffusers | Buying Guide | Reviews | Comparisons 2018

If you don’t own an essential oil diffuser, you have not felt your ah-ha moment using it for the aroma and therapeutic benefits it provides. There are two types: the nebulizer that does not use water, and the ultrasonic that does use water. The best nebulizer essential oil diffusers will be discussed here for your […]

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Summer Diffuser Giveaway

Summer started this week and I’m loving the sunflowers in bloom and vegetable garden with salad greens ready to eat. Enter our Summer Giveaway from June 24 through 30 to win the fabulous ASAKUKI™ Ultrasonic Cool-Mist Essential Oil Diffuser, 500 mL. Summer Diffuser Giveaway The ASAKUKI™—is Japanese for Air in The Morning—and this new diffuser […]

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How to Reuse Clean Essential Oil Bottles

Gotta cart full of essential oil bottles that are so cute and you just can’t throw them away? Why not clean and reuse essential oil bottles and not drive yourself crazy thinking that you are a hoarder; you’re not! First Things First: To Clean The Empty Essential Oil Bottles Peel the label off, except it […]

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Cleaning with Essential Oils Effectively

Go green! Most of us are not happy with toxic cleaning chemicals. You can clean with essential oils effectively by including lemon, lavender, pine, cinnamon, rose, eucalyptus and more in your cleaning ingredients that I’ve listed further down the page. Replace the commercial cleaners such as Pine-Sol, ammonia, Lime Away, Spic and Span and more […]

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June Summer Fun Giveaway

It’s summer and hot and time for picnics at your favorite place. Enter our Giveaway from June 3 through 10 to win the fabulous URPOWER Cool-Mist 130 mL Wood Grain Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser. The one (1) winner will receive a 100%-discount code making it free to the winner shipped from Enter to win […]

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